10 situations where cats are showing us they are weird!

Of course you agree! Cats are unique and often do things that we don’t understand and usually make us laugh.

Check out these weirdos:

  1. Not all cats like to drink water. This one loves it! And enjoys drinking from the sink. 

  2. Really?! Why did she need to open the door for humans? 

  3. Draw me like one of your French girls! 

  4. Exercise while I eat? Sure, why not! 

  5. To be fair, they are also helping around the house sometimes. Is one cat enough to change a light bulb? 

  6. Just one word – WEIRDO! 

  7. This is how I roll! 

  8. Try to explain how did that happen? 

  9. Can I watch you washing your teeth? 

  10. How does she sit still like that?? 


    Source: www.boredpanda.com



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