5 Famous guys who love cats!

While many famous guys love exotic pets, like George Clooney for example with his pig Max, there are few of them in Hollywood that are huge cat lovers and have them as their loving pets. Read this article to find out who they are.

James Franco

The famous actor James Franco owns two cats, and named them after his favorite characters from literature – Sammy and Zelda. This puts him in the list of popular celebrities who love cats. When he was asked about them he said “We owned a cat when I was a boy, so I am used to having one in my home. I don’t think that I could take care of a dog, but with cats I am great!”

Ian Somerhalder

The “Vampire’s Diaries” TV-series star, Ian Somerhalder, is one of the famous guys who adores cats. He has even three cats in his home! “When I wake up, their hair is all over the place and that’s great” – says Ian. “All three cats are different. One I got from Hawaii, born and raised in the jungle, the second I found on the street in New York and the third one I brought from Canada” explained Ian in an interview for the media.

Ed Sheeran

One of the most popular celebrity who loves cats is Ed Sheeran. He even went step further with his cat Milton and made him and important part of one of his videos. He is a star in the video for the song “Drunk”. Other than in the video, you can see Milton every day on Ed’s instagram posts. Read more about Ed Sheeran’s cats hereĀ Cats give me inspiration and power.

Robert Downey Jr

The “Iron Man” movie star Robert Downey Jr has joined the famous cat lovers in 2010, when his wife insisted on getting two cats for them. “At the beginning, I was totally against the idea of having cats, but now I can’t imagine my life without them” says Robert. “I have become so annoying that my friends are begging me not to show them images of my cats anymore”.

Christopher Walken

The famous actor Christopher Walken holds the place of a cat lover for decades. In an interview for one magazine he said “I love cats! I have always loved them. Whenever they eat, cats leave a little food at the bottom of their bowl. Dogs would eat it all, but cats leave it because in that way they show you affection.”


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