Avoid dry food in your cat’s diet! Read why it’s not good for cats!

One of the easiest way to feed your cat is give her dry food. You are in the rush and the cat is around you asking for food, the most convenient thing to do is give her some kibbles and she will be good. This can be wrong for many reasons. Read what the dry food does to your cat.

You have probably read a lot about the difference in dry and wet food for your cat and what is better for them. In most articles is mentioned that the dry food is not good for the cat because it doesn’t give them enough moisture, which can cause dehydration. This is true and one of the reasons why you should avoid dry food. However, there are even more serious damages this food can cause.

Cats cannot digest dry food

Cats are carnivores, this is commonly known. As they evolved they have specialized to digest, ingest and absorb animal protein and fat efficiently. Cats have teeth that allow them to rip and tear meat and bones and to chew it. So, when you give them kibble they cannot cope with chewing those little pellets. For that reason, cats usually swallow most of the kibble intact. 

What happens then?

Kibbles have dry content, so when they are swallowed they tend to absorb great amounts of water and saliva, but also some gastric juices in order to get digested. When this happens, these pellets get swollen and exceed the capacity of the stomach which causes stretching of its wall and the response from the nervous system is vomiting. Through the vomiting the cat throws out what she just ate and her stomach is trying to say that it can’t digest that. [adToAppearHere]

Dry food is not good for their immune system

Dry food often causes food allergies, cats get allergic to kibbles. If you notice that everything is normal with your cat, has a normal weight, looks healthy, has no symptoms of some disease, but throws up occasionally, it might mean that your cat has food allergy. If the cat is vomiting, there is a damage done to the gut wall. When there is a damage to the inner layer of the gut where the molecular digestion occurs, if there is a rupture or disruption in this delicate barrier which allows the passage of undigested nutrients, additives and preservatives from the food from the gut to the bloodstream – which makes them allergens. This may also cause diarrhea, itchiness, hair loss or excessive licking. 

Another negative side of the dry food it’s its content. Kibbles usually have less animal protein which are very important for cat’s nutrition. There are a lot of additives in the dry food and ingredients that can be bad for their digestion. These can also cause Urinary tract disease which is a very serious condition.

You have to be careful when feeding your cat and have in mind these disadvantages of the dry food and make sure that you provide a healthy diet for your feline friend.


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