Are Bengal cats expensive?

Bengal cats are one of the prettiest cat breeds. Many people own them, and those that don’t, I am sure they are thinking about getting one. Do you know the Bengal cats price?

If you would like to get a Bengal cat there are few important things you need to know. One of them is the price.

So, how much do the Bengal cats cost?

The price of these cats usually depends on the generation ratings. There are four main generations, and people most of the time get Bengal cats from the fourth generation. The price is highest for the first generation of Bengal cats and it ranges from $2,000 to $10,000. It depends on the pet quality of the female and if that cat is for show or for breeding. However, a male Bengal cat from first generation can cost only $1,500 and this is because these kittens are born sterile.

Other generation kittens can be bought at a price from $1,500 to $5,000.

However, at some pet rescues you can find an adult Bengal cat at a price of $150 to $200. If you want to get a Bengal cat the best is to go to an official Bengal cats breeder and find the cat for you.


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