Blind cat opened his eyes and looks stunning now! (Video)

We always get emotional when we see a cat was rescued after life on the street or suffering. Read this story about the amazing blind cat who opened his eyes and became the most beautiful cat in the world!

Life was hard on Cotton, the cat who was living on the street until a year ago. From that kind of life he was dirty and suffered from a horrible disease – mange, a parasitic skin disease that was very painful for him. This disease causes itching, hair loss and scabbing. The disease was so advanced that he couldn’t open his eyes from the crust on his head.

Carmen Weinberg is the person who runs the non-profit organisation Animal Friends Project in Florida and she tells the story of poor Cotton for The Huffington Post. He was brought in the shelter by a homeowner in Royal Palm Beach who noticed the cat near his house and realized that he needs help. The person couldn’t look after the cat, but he couldn’t leave it on the street either. 

Weinberg then took Cotton to the vet, where they diagnosed his disease and found that he was dehydrated and malnourished. But even in that condition, the poor Cotton was purring all the time while he was examined. He bonded with the Weinberg family immediately. The vet treated him and gave him a therapy and after a while Cotton started feeling better.

The miracle happened when he finally managed to open his eyes. His family realized that he has one blue and one yellow eye! With his fur back now he looks gorgeous and nobody could imagine what he went through. 

It turned out that Cotton had microchip which indicated that he had owners, but when Weinberg track it down, his owners claimed that he disappeared a while ago and they couldn’t find him. Now the owners were not able to take him back. For that reason, Cotton is up for adoption and would fit in great in any home.

You can read more about Cotton and his story on adoptable cats .




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