What if your cat doesn’t get along with your dog?

Isn’t it great to have a house full of pets? You are never bored, you always have company and friends for life! Many people who own cats usually have a dog as well and they live good together. But what if your dog and cat don’t get along? Read these tips to avoid conflict between them.

When you have more pets in your home, usually you take them at a different time. So, it is very important if you have a cat and decide to take dog or vice versa. For that reason, you should have a different approach towards your pets in each case. If you get a kitten and a puppy at same age it is likely that they will get along, so this is the safest way. But if they are at a different age then it’s a problem, so they will need to adjust to each other.

Don’t rush them!

First of all, make sure that both pets have their own space and can hide when they feel threatened. Don’t let the dog chase the cat because for some dogs, especially older ones, this comes natural when they see cat. If they start-off like that, the will never get along, you will always need to keep an eye on them. Since for one of them this is a new environment it’s best to keep them apart until they are both calm. If you force them together they will probably fight each other.

They need time to adjust the new smells, so it’s good to mix their smells by stroking them both, first the cat and then the dog and vice versa. After few days when they get used to the new smell everything should be fine.

Let your cat relax and be ready

Some might say – the cat is the boss! Often that is true, only because if the cat is frightened and feel threatened by the dog, she will never relax and will always be hostile towards the dog. If the cat is running all the time and can’t be calm, don’t put the dog near here. Keep them in a separate room until you are sure that the cat is relaxed.

On the other hand, you also need to make sure that the dog will not chase the cat. Maybe the best is to keep the dog on a leash for a while until you notice that everything is fine between them.

Show equal attention to both pets

Always be aware of the affection you give to your pets. In this case when a new pet is coming to the house, the old one might feel threatened and jealous. Same as kids they wouldn’t like to share their mom or dad with the new kid that came in the house. Give enough love to both and don’t pay attention just to one of them. [adToAppearHere]

Prepare the home and yourself for the new pet

This might be the most important thing you need to do when getting a new pet. First of all, your home must be prepared for the new pet – you need to have a new separate room for the dog or cat that is coming. You need to be sure that the dog will follow your commands and not to let him be aggressive.


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