Why does your cat loses hair? Don’t ignore the hair loss!

It is a known fact that cats shed. Everyone who owns a cat has hair on the furniture, on the floor and has a hard time keeping the apartment clean. However, if a cat loses a lot of hair, or when she has bald patches on herself, it means that something is wrong!

Usually in summer, cats start shedding. In this period they are getting rid of their winter coat and that is normal. This means that when you notice that your cat is losing a lot of hair, and it’s winter, or if you notice that there are whole areas where your cat is bald it is a red flag! First thing what you need to do is take your cat to the vet. In this article you can find out the most common reasons for hair loss in cats.

Hair loss – Alopecia

The condition of losing hair is called Alopecia. Alopecia can be partial or complete and is a common problem for cats. The area around the bald patch can be normal, or it can have bumps, scabs or redness. There are different reasons why the cat gets alopecia and these are the most common:



When a cat is attacked by fleas, lice or ticks you can probably notice that she scratches a lot and licks her coat. Scratching a lot can cause sores or bald spots and if this is the cause of your cat loses its hair you shouldn’t be worried. What you need to do is ask your vet for medications for the skin because this is not serious. This is the reason why you need to keep your cat clean of parasites all the time. If you notice few fleas or lice clean her immediately. [adToAppearHere]


Hair loss first points to allergies. Very often if a cat starts losing its hair has some allergies. They can get allergies from food, insect bites, medicine, dust or some ingredients in food. The allergies usually make the cat licks itself all the time which causes hair loss. Allergies are also easy to treat, but you may have to give your cat medications for her entire life.

Ringworm infection

This is not the parasite, but a fungal infection. A sign for ringworm infection is a scaly ring of missing hair. The treatment for this condition are antifungal creams or ointments.

Stress and anxiety 

Often when a cat is stressed tends to licks and scratches which of course cause hair loss. This condition is called “psychogenic alopecia” by the vets and it usually appears on their belly, sides and legs. You need to consult with your vet if this happens to your cat so he can treat its wounds and tell you what to do to reduce stress for the cat. Many things can cause stress in your cat – read more Do you cause stress to your cat?

Other rare conditions can cause hair loss such as glandular disorders, diabetes, an overactive thyroid or cancer. Maybe it’s the best to rule these out first as more serious diseases.


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