Are cat owners more intelligent than dog owners? Read this!

Cat owners are more intelligent than dog owners. This is what all cat owners believe and studies show that they are right. Most people can recognize many differences between people who own cats and people who own dogs, so the experts have examined this.

Dr Denise Guastello, a professor from the Carroll University in Wisconsin has decided to do a research on the differences in personalities between cat lovers and dog lovers. She has conducted a survey on 600 students and the results showed that cat owners are more intelligent than people who like dogs. So it was proven that cat and dog lovers do have differences in their personal traits and their choices of pets shows that.

People who like dogs more than cats are usually more energetic, lively and outgoing. They follow the rules and it is even shown that they wouldn’t mind having a cat as well. On the other hand, those who love cats are more introverted, open-minded and sensitive than the first. Also, it was proven that cat owners are non-conformists, they wouldn’t be very obedient – a characteristic that is common for cats. According to the survey, cat owners are also more intelligent, the students in the research who own cats scored higher on the intelligence test. [adToAppearHere]

The conclusion of this survey is that it doesn’t mean that you will be more intelligent if you get a cat, but it shows that people who prefer cats have many of cat’s characteristics. Therefore, it is logical that you would choose a cat if you can relate to her. It is a known fact that the dogs are more loyal, trustworthy and energetic, so people with those personal traits would relate to the dogs and feel them as their family. On the other hand, people who are more intelligent, suspicious about most things would relate to cats. 

Another amusing fact about this survey is that people who like cats were fewer than those who like dogs. This corresponds to the fact that smaller percentage of the population is actually more intelligent and charming. Wouldn’t you agree?


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