Why some cats don’t drink water?

Some cats don’t drink water. If this is the case, it is normal to be worried because all species need water. You notice that your cat doesn’t drink water, you try everything to get her to drink, but with no luck.

Even though it is strange, but many cats rarely drink water. However, in order for you to decide if this is normal for your cat or it’s alarming, you should find out few things. If the cat looks normal, shows no signs of illness and use the litter box regularly, probably you shouldn’t be concerned.

If you are feeding your cat mainly with wet food, the cat doesn’t need any water because she gets enough moisture. In this case everything seems to be normal. So, if you give canned food or food with enough moisture, then the cat won’t drink water. However, try to make her drink water, because they need it.

Sometimes, the cat doesn’t like to drink water from the bowl. Nobody can say for sure, why they often don’t like their bowls. Usually, the cats don’t like to drink still water, they prefer running water. You have probably seen your cat drinking directly from the sink. There are few theories why cats prefer running water. First is coming from their origin – cats in the wild usually drink moving water that will help them in prevention of illness.

It is also a theory that the water is a toy for the cats. They like to play with the water, which often happens with their food. Also, the running water is usually cooler than the one that is in their bowl.



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