Here is how cats help children with autism

Children with autism have many challenges in their development and growth, and most of the time is difficult for them to socialize with other children. Because of that, often these children feel alone, different and weird. Have you heard that a cat can help them overcome this obstacle and help them handle the disease? Here you can find out how they do that.

Cats are really amazing animals. They can be your best friend and companion and it can even help you get better, as you can read more in the article Cats can cure depression! Some people think of cats as evil creatures, unloving, disease-carrying animals, all cat lovers will definitely disagree with this. The families that have an autistic child would confirm the curing effect of owning a cat.

Cats help in socialization and friendship

The main reason why cats are good for children with autism is their friendship and companion. Cats do not treat their kid owners different than any other kids. Children feel accepted by their feline friends and can feel relaxed and confident to communicate with them. In this way the children learn how to interact with other people or their peers at early age. The love and affection the child gives to the cat helps them realize that they can be the same with other children in school. Moreover, when they take their cat out for a walk they will attract more people to greet them and interact with them. If people ask a lot about the cat, the child will feel that his pet is popular, so he can feel popular as well. 

[adToAppearHere] Many research show that children with autism in the presence of an animal are more more talkative, laugh more and look in people’s faces more often. If they own a cat, they can also learn how to take care of someone, to get some responsibilities which will help them in overcoming another challenge they would have. Cats are also more quieter companions for children than dogs. They are usually very careful and gentle with kids, so they will also help in calming the child, not to get upset or feel attacked.

However, nobody can guarantee that having a cat will miraculously cure the disease, cats are actually the best companion that help the children with autism to cope with the added stress of the disorder.

A story of a cat helping child with autism

Experts are still doing research on the matter, but in the meantime there are people who confess about these miracles. [adToAppearHere]

One father tells his touching story about his autistic child. After becoming a widow he stayed alone with his two kids – a 9 year old daughter and 4 year old son with autism. Being difficult for him to be a widowed dad he decided to take a pet for his son as he heard about pets helping children with autism. He first heard about the benefit of getting a horse, but he took his son to any place he could think where he could get in touch with animals. The father first wanted to see the son’s reaction. When they went to see the animal shelter they passed by all the animals there, but the kid had no reaction to any of the animals. Until they got to the cat area. 

The son – Richard saw a black and white tuxedo cat in the corner and he pointed to its cage and said “Cat!”. Richard was non-verbal, but seeing the cat made him speak. They decided to take the cat home and they name it Clover. Since then the kid was having many conversations with the cat when no one was looking. What Richard actually needed was someone to listen to him carefully without asking him to repeat himself or explain what he says. The son is now in college and has two other cats, so his feline friends helped him get to college with many friends. Richard once said to his father that he believes that cats have autism as well. They look at everything and think about it when everyone thinks they are not paying attention, and they talk only when they have something to say.



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