He decided to adopt a yellow cat and something strange happened when they got home!

Luke wanted to get a pet. He decided to go the nearest pet shelter and adopt some of the rescued cats. He was opposed to buying pets because he believed that is just not right.

He went to the shelter and noticed the yellow cat Batters. Batters was a one year old cat and Luke decided to take him home as soon as he saw him. Their meeting was destined obviously, because when they got home Luke was shocked! 

Batters started hugging him! In an incredible way the cat was showing affection and gratitude to his new owner. He couldn’t separate himself from Luke.

Every morning, as soon as Luke wakes up, Batters is here making himself spot on Luke’s neck ready to be cuddled.

Batters even gives Luke a massage when he needs it!

And there is nothing better for Luke than the cuddles and massages of this lovely cat!

Source: www.likemag.com


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