How to entertain your cat while you are away? (VIDEO)

Playtime with your cat is probably the best part of spending time with your feline friend. There are many ways that you can entertain your cat while you are at home, but what happens when you have to go out? Or when you need to go away on a longer period, and the cat needs to be alone at home?

Maybe these few ideas will help you create a nice place of entertainment for your cat, so she doesn’t get bored or misses you a lot when you are not home. When you need to go on a vacation, it’s always better to leave your cat at home, where she feels most comfortable (read more in It’s vacation time! What to do with your cat?), but you also need to make sure that she will not get bored or make your house a total mess. Very often this happens with the cats who don’t have toys around or things to do – they start to scratch the furniture, open the drawers or break something.

Create a nice fun area for your cat – a playground!

You don’t have to free one room for your cat, one corner of the room will be enough to create a place where the cat can enjoy playing with some toys. What you can do is set up a scratching post where the cat can climb and sharpen the claws. Scratching posts are available in any pet store near you, but it could be nice if you want to save some money to make it yourself. Check out this video with a tutorial how to make a scratching post yourself:


Another interesting thing you could do is put a bird feeder outside near the window, so your cat will enjoy watching the birds flying there. In the cat playground put more toys – you can also hang some of them on a high place so they will try to catch it. Your cat will never be bored here! 

Set up “food hunt” for your cat

Instead of leaving food for the cat in their plate, which can be gone in no time, you can allow your cat to “work” or hunt for food. Hide food – of course it’s preferable that this is dry food, some kind of kibbles – throughout the house or place it in food-dispensing toys. This will keep her busy and she will also get a reward for that.

Make your cat explore!


Create more opportunities for your cat to explore in your house without making a mess with your furniture. The best way to do this is of course get her some climbing toys, trees for cats or other type of cat furniture. Also, if you want to build something, you can make a castle of cardboard boxes where they can climb. Have you seen a cat who doesn’t like to play with a cardboard box? There is no such thing! So, this will be a perfect entertainment for your cat.

Leave the music on when you leave the house!

Have you noticed that your cat reacts on some music that you hear? If you have, leave the music on for your cat to enjoy when you go out. In this way, the cat will not feel abandoned, she will feel like you are present and this will calm her. There are also some research that cats enjoy listening to music and that this calms them. If you haven’t noticed which music they like, try the classical music – you will never be wrong with that one! [adToAppearHere]


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