Goodbye my pumpkin! We will see each other soon!

We never had any pets. In fact, we didn’t have enough time for that. My husband was often away due to business and I was a French teacher in the local school. We never had children either, so it was just me and my beloved husband in the world.

After my husband passed away and after I retired, the days of solitude and loneliness have come. Without children coming to visit, without any grandchildren, life wasn’t easy. And I was used to being surrounded by people, so this was difficult for me. For one birthday, my neighbor Dora surprised me with a cardboard box all wrapped up as a gift. When I started opening it, a small furry head has appeared and started looking at me with its huge beautiful eyes – and that was love at first sight.

In my world suddenly there was a new person – my dear cat Molly. Time has passed and both of us spent all the time together and learned from one another. She taught me how to deal with my loneliness and I taught her how to give me massages when I have back pain. I was reading her Jacques Prevert, and she was listening to me attentively, it really seemed like she understands me and enjoys.

We were living in a small apartment, so Molly couldn’t go out. I kept her in the apartment because I was scared that something will happen to her and I couldn’t handle that. I wouldn’t accept losing someone I love again. For that reason, I have made her a cat tree in the apartment so she was spending most of her time there. She was climbing, playing there all the time, napping – it was her own corner of the apartment. In return, out of gratitude for everything I done for her she would bring me bugs, mice and different preys she would catch for me.

Yesterday I had to make the most difficult decision in my life. After spending 8 years with my Molly, I had to put her to sleep. She had cancer and was battling with it for almost a year. But it was very tough for her, she couldn’t have a normal life anymore. Lost a lot of weight, lost her fur and I just couldn’t stand seeing her suffering. I know that it’s the right decision to do that, but it hurts so much!

Goodbye my dearest pumpkin! You made my life good and my days of solitude bearable. We will see each other very soon! Loves you your Graziella!



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