Happiness knocked on our door!

It was an ordinary autumn day and I was on my way to college. In an abandoned yard across the street from my house I heard a sound like meowing.

Because I was in a hurry, I texted my mum to go and check whose cat that was. Later, when I came back home, my mother told me that she didn’t see anything. I thought that it must be one of the cats from our neighborhood. But it wasn’t…

That evening, my dad called us to go there quickly to see something. In front of our doorstep there was a small cat with big green eyes that looked like a tiger. She was sitting there and meowing at us. We had to take her in and give her something to eat, because we all love cats.

Ever since, Gita doesn’t leave her new warm home. She is now a member of our family and we adore her. Apparently, someone threw her out on the street, because she was clean and used to using a litter-box. The vet estimated her age being 5 months old. She was lucky to “knock” on our door! We have her for five years now. Gita always “talks” to us when she enters the room and answers us when we talk to her. She responds on her name like she is a dog, Gita is so attached to us and loves to be cuddled.

I often think about the abandoned cats and I can’t imagine how anyone can throw out an innocent living being that can offer so much love. However, I am thankful to the person who abandoned Gita, because in that way she got family who loves her and deserves her. Ever since she entered here, we can’t imagine our home without her! [adToAppearHere]


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