Heartbreaking photos of rescued animals from hurricane Harvey!

As the devastating hurricane Harvey is destroying homes in southeastern Texas, residents are trying to take shelter and save everything they can. Nobody can leave their pets behind, so as they save themselves they carry their cats and dogs with them to a safe place.

It is reported that there are also rescue teams who are trying to save as many animals as they can and bring them to a shelter. Harvey is heading now towards Louisiana and all prayers go to the people there.

Check out these images of rescued cats and dogs in the hurricane.

Rescued kitty in one of the shelters in Texas
Sam Speights is one of the people whose house was hit by Harvey and destroyed. He is trying to hold his tears while looking at what is left from his home.
Cat is looking for shelter from the hurricane. Luckily, she was saved by a neighbor who provided food and water.
A woman with her cat can’t separate each other, happy they survived.
A family with their dog heading to a shelter!
A woman with her poodle floating on the water, waiting to be rescued.
A man trying to save himself and his dog from the hurricane.
Everyone is looking for shelter!

Source: www.theatlantic.com


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