Siamese Cat

The most popular Asian breed of cats with its origin in Thailand is the Siamese cat. Their blue almond-shaped eyes are their trademark and their point coloration. There are two distinctive variations of the Siamese cat - one traditional with a chubby body and apple-shaped head and modern Siamese cat which is skinny with a large head. A Siamese mix which is most popular is Tabby and is worth $4000.

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Maine Coon

The oldest natural breed of cat in North America is Maine Coon cats, which are also known as being one of the biggest cats in the world. They originate from the State of Maine, so this is where they got the name from, and Coon as short from Raccoon because of their resemblance to raccoons. Maine Coon cats have soft and silky coat which is thicker in the winter and thinner in the summer.

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Persian Cat

Persian cat or Shirazi cat is one of the biggest breeds which was brought to Italy from Iran (Persia). Their main characteristic is the long-haired coat and the flat face. The Persian cat is the quiet cat which can adapt very well in an apartment life. They are very friendly with their owners.

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 Bengal cat

The domestic cat that looks like a Bengal Tiger it's the Bengal cat. This is where it gets the name. They were developed by selective breeding from hybrids of the Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat. The reason for this was to create a confident, healthy and friendly cat with a vividly marked coat. Bengal cats have large spots/arrowheads, white belly and pattern and body structure similar to the Asian leopard cat.

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