Irma weakens, but animals still need to be rescued! We need volunteers! (Call from Best Friends org.)

The strongest hurricane in history, Irma, that is still raging in Florida has left many people homeless. However, we can’t forget the animals that need rescuing from all areas that were caught by the hurricane Irma.

A team from Colorado – pet rescue team that has been saving animals in Texas from the hurricane Harvey, is now headed to Florida. They are well-trained and specialize in technical animal rescue. Of course they need any help they can get!

Best Friends, a non-profit organization, that operates the nation’s largest sanctuary for homeless animals is calling for volunteers! If you can help, or know someone who can, fill in this application We need volunteers! and share this link, so they can get as much help as possible in saving those animal’s lives!

Check on their website: Best Friends organization if there is any other way you can help.



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