It will be me or her!

Would you leave your cat if your girlfriend/boyfriend asks you to do that? Read this story about one gorgeous cat who was left by her owner.

“I know that Ron was a huge cat lover. He got his Siamese cat Nala as a gift for his birthday. She was a lovely cat, always calm and Ron’t best friend. He lost his parents when he was young so Nala was everything to him, they were best friends. Me and my boyfriend were his neighbors. We lived in the same building and we were good friends with Ron. Often he would leave his apartment key so we can keep an eye on Nala when he is not at home. I loved doing that because I enjoyed spending time with his gorgeous cat.

One day during lunch time, I heard the door bell and when I opened the door I saw Ron with a girl. He told me he came to introduce me to his new girlfriend Stella. Even on the first sight I didn’t like Stella. The first thing I noticed on her was her leather jacket – it was a jacket from a real leather. I never liked people who wear clothes from real leather or fur – this alert me that the person doesn’t really care for animals. Ron told me that Stella is moving with him, that they will live together.

In the next few days I didn’t see Ron. I assumed he was very much in love with his new girlfriend so he doesn’t have time for anything else and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Until one evening I heard noise from their apartment. I heard Nala making weird noise like she is upset and then Stella started screaming ‘IT WILL BE ME OR HER!’ First I thought Ron was cheating on her, but then she said ‘I am allergic to cats, I have told you million times! You don’t believe me, but it’s true – you have to get rid of her!’ She then told him she will go to her parents and when she is back she doesn’t want Nala to be there. 

I thought to myself that we got rid of Stella, because I never imagined that Ron would do such thing as to throw out Nala. But the next day, Ron came to our place, told us everything that has happened and asked us if we can take Nala! I was shocked! I couldn’t believe what he was saying.

Of course, we took Nala in, but the first few weeks the cat was so sad, she was just lying sad on the bed with her paws on the wall.

After a while, Ron moved out of his apartment and came to say goodbye. Nala acted as a stranger towards him. She ignored him, she was angry that her friend for life has abandoned her. We all cried. It was heartbreaking. Now, things are back to normal, Nala is our family and she is happy. Sometimes, she gets close to the wall that was separating our apartment from Ron’s and I can feel that she misses him. Nala has a great heart, unlike her owner.



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