We were listening to our favorite song, and I knew that it would be our last time…

The most difficult part in every cat owner’s life is when they need to say goodbye forever to their cat. Often when the cat reaches old age, living can be difficult. Cats usually hide from their owners when they want to rest in peace. They probably want to avoid the hard part.

Lucy Campbell has told us her story about how she said goodbye to her best friend – the cat Billy.

“I’ve found Billy 12 years ago when he came in the yard of our family house. It was as if he came, knocked on my door and said ‘I am your pet from now on’. I took him in and all my family have accepted him immediately because he was very cuddly and fun. I named him Billy and he became a part of our family.”

Billy was the best friend of Lucy. He always made her day with his attention and love. Every time she was sad, he could sense that and come to her lap to make her feel better. “I was telling Billy everything! All my secrets that I couldn’t share with anyone else, because I had the feeling that he understands me. Billy was my best friend!”- explains Lucy in tears.

“Today I have experienced a pain I cannot explain with words. I believe this is how a person who loses a friend of old age feels like. Billy was 12 years old and has been suffering from his old age in the past month. He lost a lot of weight, his sight and hearing were weakened and his hair started falling out. He didn’t have strength anymore, but he was still gaving us the love and affection he always did.  I came back from work and found Billy waiting for me on the sofa – his favorite place. I sat next to him, we spent some time together, listened to our favorite song from Elvis Presley – ‘You are always on my mind’. After a while, he stood up slowly, walked towards the main door and went outside. Before he crossed the threshold he looked at me and I will never forget that look. It was like he was telling me goodbye and thank you for everything, because he never returned.”

It was clear that Billy left the house so Lucy and her family don’t see her suffering. Lucy will always remember this because this was their goodbye – “Billy, thank you for everything! You will forever be in my heart and thoughts!”

RIP Billy



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