Look what happened to the cat who looks like Gollum!

Animal cruelty is very common in the US and in the whole world. There are 70 million stray cats and dogs that live in the US, and only a small part of those animals are having the opportunity to live a normal life and get adopted by people.

We have seen many cats that were adopted, many of them injured or sick. This cat was one of the lucky ones, to be found by Melissa, who couldn’t leave this unfortunate cat on the streets. She found the cat lying on the street with an injured jaw and in blood.

Melissa acted fast and took the cat to the vet. He told her that there is a very small chance that the cat will survive due to his injuries. But, the cat named Smeagol, named after the character from The Lord of the Rings, also known as Gollum, was a fighter, and against all odds – survived! You can guess why Melissa gave him the name Smeagol – when she found him, he reminded her of this character. 

Smeagol, however, transformed himself into a gorgeous cat. Melissa took great care of him and treats him as family. This is why the recovery was great. He was too small for a jaw surgery, but the cat still healed up well. Now, he even looks charming, being a special cat with unusual look. 

After the care he got from his mom Melissa, he is not recognizable and he even became a star on social media. Check out his transformation: 

Source: www.youngdoggy.com


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