Maine Coon Cat helped an Autistic girl with her fear of water!

Having a cat in your house is the best thing in the world. This has been proven many times, especially with children. Even more, with children with autism. The precious Maine Coon cat helped one autistic girl overcome her fear of water, among other things.

Many has spoken about the benefit of having a cat if you have a member of family with autism. We already mentioned this in the article Cats help children with autism. Here you can find out more how the Maine Coon cat Thula helped Iris Grace Halmshaw overcome her fear of water. The eight-years-old Iris was diagnosed with Autism when she was just 2 years old.

At the beginning, Iris was always surrounded with her books and would not communicate with her parents. So, they have decided to bring Thula the Maine Coon cat after they heard about the benefits of the interaction between children and cats. Before having Thula, Iris was distressed when near other children, eye contact rarely happened, and she showed obsessive behavior. Bathing was difficult because she was afraid of water, didn’t want water on her. If her mother put water on her head, she would start scratching even trying to defend herself. 

Then they decided to get Thula and they noticed immediate connection between the cat and Iris. Both started doing everything together, they became inseparable. Played together, sleep together even bath together. Iris never wanted to go swimming, but after Thula this have changed. The sleeping problems disappeared as well. Before Thula, Iris never spoke, but after she came in her life, her speech improved. 

Getting a Maine Coon cat turned out the best decision of this family. Even though they tried the therapy with horses and dogs, they noticed results only with the Maine Coon cat. Now Iris and Thula are best friends.



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