Mama cat won’t eat until her kittens are safe!

It has been proven many times that a mother would do anything to protect her children. Cats are no different from humans in that way, so it is normal that the cat would sacrifice herself for her kitties. 

Still, it’s always heartwarming to hear stories where the cat did something great for her kittens. One great story is the one of Violet Gray – the stray tabby who gave birth to five small kitties. Since they were all on the street, they were all exhausted, sick and weak. 

Even so, the mama cat didn’t sleep at all, taking care of her kittens and let them nurse so they can feel better. The kittens were so skinny that they were trying to nurse all the time from their mother, which exhausted her even more.

Luckily, one man found them soon and took them to the shelter Purrfect Pets in Kansas, where they got the necessary help. Mama cat had a skin infection on her belly and for that reason the kittens couldn’t nurse from her. Even though she was in severe pain, she stayed still so the kitties could nurse. She even cried out from pain. 

In the shelter, the kittens were taken care of, got a surrogate and mama cat finally got the rest she deserved. She slept for hours, like she knew that the kittens were good and she can rest.

Kittens recovered quickly after several baths, cleaning of the fleas and a lot of feedings.

After three days, Violet Gray was soon to be recovered, was feeling much better and wanted to be with her kids again. Now, the whole family lives in a foster family with Holly who is telling their story. They are all very happy now.



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