Meet the oldest and biggest cat in the world!

When a person thinks of a cat, usually a small, gentle and cuddly animal comes to mind. However, there is one breed of cats who is not an ordinary cat, it is quite bigger than the rest and it reminds you more of a wild cat than a domestic cat. I am sure everyone saw this cat breed somewhere – it’s called Maine Coon.

Read these facts which will tell you more about their main characteristics. Who knows – maybe it will make you go and get one for yourself.

  1. Maine coons are popular in the state of Maine and it is their official state since 1985. 30 years later this cat breed becomes the third most popular breed in the U.S. and it is also prized in Japan and Europe.
  2. They are huge! Maine coons are thought to be the biggest cat breed, but they are actually somewhere between Norwegian Forest cats and Ragdolls. They usually weigh from 9 to 16 pounds (female) and 13 to 19 pounds (male). The longest domestic cat holds the record with 48.5 inches length. 
  3. Maine coons love water! Most cats run away from water, but these would love to dive in a full bathtub. This is probably due to their dense coats which are moisture-repellent.
  4. This cats live the longest.  The oldest living cat which holds the World record and it’s actually a half Maine coon is 26 years old.
  5. Even though they are people-oriented cats, they don’t like getting the attention all the time. But they will definitely be your best buddy, sitting next to you all the time just not in your lap maybe because they never act like babies, they are pretty mature.
  6. Maine coons get along well with kids and dogs. They are very playful and relaxed.
  7. The Lynx-like tufting on the top of the ears and their large, round eyes are their most distinctive features.
  8. Some Maine coons have six toes. Nowadays, this is rarely the case, but in the past this happened because they were often polydactyls which means they were born with extra appendages on their paws.


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