The miracle of a cat rescue!

Sometimes one act of kindness can change your life. When that act is a cat rescue from the street then for that cat it’s miracle!

There are a lot of people in the world that love cats and all animals in general. Unfortunately, there are many who simply don’t care about them. For that reason, everyone has witnessed different cases of cat’s suffering, some of them are hit by a car and left on the street to die, some are beaten to death or shot at, and what is worse it’s for no reason at all. These creatures can’t defend themselves most of the time, so we all need to do our best to make better conditions for them.

Luckily, many of these unfortunate cats are being rescued after a hit, from the streets and are offered a new forever family and home. What is amazing in these cases is the transformation the cat gets after being rescued. Here are some stories with pictures of rescued cats that have found their new better homes.

  1. Meet Bunny, the cat who has been electrocuted. Her new owner found her with many wounds, took care of her and just few months later she is a doll! 
  2. When Louie was found he was thrown in a gutter and he was just 2 weeks old. As you can see on the picture on the right he lives as a King now! 
  3. This beauty was lucky to be rescued. Now the eye problems are gone and after few months it’s a new cat! 
  4. Some cats need more time to recover physically, but the pain in their heart vanishes in the moment they meet their rescuer. 
  5. Meet Eleanor, the injured cat found in the dumpster, now living as a queen! 
  6. Just a week later Penguin got better. He got the care he needed and is ready to live a long and healthy life with his new family. Rescue a cat in need! She will be forever grateful to you and she will also make your life even better. If you can’t take the cat into your home, you can contact the local pet shelter so they can help the cat and find a home for her! [adToAppearHere]

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