One of the reasons why the cat is a magnificent creature!

Read this amazing story about an extraordinary cat!

Oscar the cat has a psychic power, because every time one of the patients in the Rehabilitation nursing home in England, Oscar goes in the lap of the dying person and spends the last hours of his life with him. The medical staff say that whenever Oscar approaches some of the patients, it means that the patient has 4 hours of life left.

Medical staff of the Rehabilitation Nursing home claims that Oscar the cat can feel when the patient is dying. Oscar has predicted death of 25 patients so far, so now whenever he goes to lie near a patient, the staff calls the family of the patient because they know that he has a short time of life left.

‘Oscar is never wrong. It appears that he always feels when a patient is going to die’, wrote Dr David Dosa in his article published in the English magazine Journal of Medicine. ‘Most of the families are glad that we have Oscar, because they get to spend the last hours with their loved ones’, continues Dr Dosa who is teaching at the Brown University.


Oscar is only 2 years old, and the staff of the home has adopted him after his mother rejected him. After six months, the employed of the center noticed that he is also doing every day rounds visiting the terminally ill patients. During his visit he is first observing the patients and when he goes to lie near someone, the staff know that the patient is going to die soon.

This strange behavior of Oscar is not yet explained by the experts.


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