Parasites can be dangerous for humans as well! Read how to prevent them!

In some of the previous articles we already mentioned the parasites and in short what they can cause. Here we have some advice from a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine on why it is important to clean your pets from parasites. They can be dangerous for humans as well!

Dr Jasminka van der Flier DVM is a specialist in Internal Medicine and has her own practice in Skopje since November 2013. She is dedicated to her profession and does everything to help the cats, dogs and all animals. Dr Jasminka wants to draw the attention to the parasites because they are dangerous not only for your pets, but they might be for you too.

Endoparasites – Deworming treatment (of intestines parasites)

First of all, we need to point out that there are two types of parasites – endoparasites and ectoparasites. Endoparasite is a parasite that lives inside its host, such as the tapeworm. They usually live inside their host’s intestines and grow very fast. Some endoparasites such as the echinococcosis can be dangerous for humans as well. These parasites can move to the human and cause severe health disorders. However, these possible health disorders can be fully prevented with a regular deworming treatment (with antihelmintic medications) on the pets – cats and dogs.

Recommended protocol for treatment against endoparasites (Deworming treatment)

  1. Treatment of kittens and puppies that are 10 to 15 days old. 
  2. Treatment when they are 35 to 40 days old.
  3. Until they reach age of 8 months this treatment should be repeated in every 40 to 60 days of age.
  4. Adult pets should be treated 3 to 4 times a year. [adToAppearHere]

Ectoparasites – Fleas, Ticks and Lice

These parasites live on or in the skin of the pets but not within the body. Ectoparasites are fleas, ticks and lice. Diseases that they can cause are:

  • Allergies
  • Dermatitis
  • Taenia
  • Piroplasmosis
  • Lyme disease
  • Ehrlichiosis

With regular use of quality products against parasites according to the manual from the manufacturer, the infestation of fleas and ticks is prevented and improves the health of your pet. Some of these diseases that are transmitted through fleas and ticks can be fatal, therefore the prevention is much safer and more efficient than the expensive treatment. 

Fleas and ticks on the cats and dogs can infest the humans as well, even though they don’t stay long on their body. Ticks are potential transmitter of very serious diseases in human, one of which is common is Lyme disease.

Protecting your animal from parasites you actually protect your own health.

MD DVM Jasminka van der Flier



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