People often say we are crazy, they call us witches

They are called lunatic grandmas, witches, weird and crazy! But they don’t care! They know what they are doing.


We are talking about women who are feeding cats. These are usually pensioners, who spend their pension and other incomes on cat food. They say that there is hope because some of the younger people start to do the same – to take care of the street cats. These women enjoy doing this, feed the cats every day, cats know them already and some even have more than ten cats in their homes. It’s easier to look after them in that way and they are also a great company for the retired women.

These women know how they are called by many people, but they don’t mind. Often they have been threatened by the neighbors and locals with police, cats were being poisoned, but the love for the cats is bigger. “I know that some think I am crazy” says 57-year old Maria Porter, one of the cat carers. “Maybe I am a little bit, because even on -15 degrees I sit outside on the bench feeding a cat and cuddling it. But, those cats need me the most! My daughter is a grown woman already… It is hard to say when I started loving them so much. You either love cats or you don’t!” 

She says that it’s hard to live with more than ten cats at home. However, she can’t just leave them out on the street. And when she needs to choose between a new pair of shoes for her or vet for the cat, she always chooses the vet. What she wants to point out to everyone is that if you are not ready to feed your cat regularly, or take care of it, don’t get a cat at all! Cats love routine, so you need to give them food at a certain time of the day. 

Maria has created her routine with her cats. Every evening, round 9pm she goes out and finds her 4-5 cats waiting for her on the bench. She feeds them, spends some time cuddling them and goes home. She is sad to say that she can’t take care of all the cats, can’t take them to the vet or give them the necessary medications and vitamins. She is doing what she can and feeds them regularly. [adToAppearHere]

Suzanne Kelly (62 years old) wasn’t a big fan of cats in the past. In her difficult times, they were the ones that were there for her. The cats were the real friends for her. Now, she is returning the favor. “Cats were my antidepressant when life was hard on me” explains Suzanne. “I survived the night shifts before retiring thanks to them. Cats can feel love. They were following me everywhere. When I got my first cat, my husband was freaked out. He used to be scared of cats, but now he loves them. One who is afraid of cats, is afraid of people as well. One who loves animals, loves people too.”

“If you love animals, you can’t ignore a hungry cat on the street” – agree all of them.


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