Pissed-off cat becomes a Symbol of Resilience on social media


The terrible hurricane Harvey has left many people homeless. People were trying to save themselves in every way possible. So were the animals. But one cat became popular on social networks because of her face expression.

The photographer Scott Olson of Getty Images has made this amazing image of an annoyed cat who is swimming through the flooded streets in Houston, Texas. The image shows an orange cat who looks fed up trying to swim its way somewhere on a safe and dry place. It is common knowledge that cats hate water, so this picture is very authentic.

Since it was taken on the 30th of August it has gone viral and people are sharing it on all social media. On Facebook it has more than 60.000 shares. But why this image is such a hit? The answer is that people can connect to the cat, when they feel annoyed or fed up with something, so they are using it to express that on social media.

Consequently, the image was turned in countless memes on Twitter.

Most of the pictures that came out from the disaster are sad to watch (read more in Heartbreaking photos of rescued animals from hurricane Harvey!), but this picture is used in a different context.

For those who are concerned about cat’s safety, be calm, she is safe.

Source: www.petcatdog.com


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