He pretended to be a cat lover, but he was something completely different!

Horrid news come from Italy!

 There was a man who appeared to love cats a lot, and visit the pet shelters on a regular basis. Nobody suspected that he would have different intentions, than to get a cat to offer her a warm home.

On the contrary! It has been suspected that he has eaten at least 15 cats!

The Italian animal welfare association has filed a complaint against a man known only by the name Francesco F, 50 years old, because they believe that he has killed several cats. He first posed as an animal lover and started adopting black cats from different shelters throughout the country.

This person became suspicious when he asked specifically to adopt a three-year old with black fur and as they say ‘a bit flesh on it’. The chief of the association Lorenzo Croce said that they assume that Francesco F was involved in a satanist group, because there is no other logical explanation for this behavior.

One volunteer actually caught him red handed when he tried to kill and eat a cat he adopted. When they confronted him, he got confused and asked if that was illegal. Luckily, in 2014, the cat-killer has admitted that he was killing and eating black cats in the company of friends. He has then been arrested and charged with animal abuse. He faces up to 12 months in jail. Is this punishment enough? Who would know..  [adToAppearHere]

Source: Italian man accused of eating 15 adopted cats


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