If you have a problem, go to Oreo – she is in charge!

If you have a problem, go to Oreo – she is in charge!

This is something that you would hear if you go in St Augustine Health Ministries Nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio. All residents can rely on Oreo. The employees as well.

Oreo is a cat who is helping everyone in the nursing home. She was a homeless cat who was living hear the home. Eventually she was welcomed inside. “Oreo is like a family here” – says Carmen Delgado, the receptionist at St Augustine. She said that the cat is helping everyone there, and is loved by all. 

Every night they find the cat on the receptionist desk and it really looks like she is working there. And people do enjoy her presence. Most of the residents had cats before, so having a cat here means bringing their feelings of home to them. They always go out, see what Oreo is doing, petting her and enjoy spending time with her.

They are taking pictures of the kitty every time they see her on the reception desk, even at nights or during weekends. They say “Oh look, Oreo is at the reception desk, answering the phone, since it’s after hours”.

Source: www.purrworld.com


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