Read the 5 common diseases that cats get and try to prevent them!

Prevention is better than cure. This stands for human as much as it does for cats, and of course all other animals. However, sometimes we cannot prevent a disease, but what we can do is discover it early so we can act on it quickly. There are few common diseases that all cats usually get, so if you know more about them it will help you heal them in no time. In this article you can read more about the 5 common diseases that cats get.

Viruses and Bacteria

Every cat is likely to catch a virus or bacteria. The most contagious types of upper respiratory infections that cats can get are feline calicivirus and feline herpes virus. They are caused by viruses which invade cat’s nose, throat and sinuses. In a home where there are more cats it is very easy for the viruses and bacteria to be passed through the cats and cause different infections. Persian cats and other cats with flat faces are more susceptible to infection.

Symptoms: Signs of an upper respiratory infections with cats are congestion, runny nose, fever, nasal discharge, loss of appetite and rapid breathing. 

How to prevent it: Regular vet exams, keeping your cat inside, minimizing stress and avoiding contact with infected cats can help in boosting the cat’s immunity. In that way the chances of the cat getting a virus are minimal.

Feline Gingivitis (Gum Inflammation)

If your cat is on high-carbohydrate diet, it makes her more sensitive to plaque bacteria. This bacteria usually causes Feline Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums which can lead to periodontis – the most widespread feline dental disease. When this bacteria comes in touch with the saliva and minerals creates tartar – yellowish crust which irritates the gums of the cat.


Symptoms: Bad breathe, loss of appetite or difficulties in eating, reddened gums these are all early signs that usually start on one tooth, but it can be spread very quickly.

How to prevent it: The best way to prevent gum inflammation is good oral hygiene, also special dental-formula cat foods. If your cat already caught gingivitis you can consult with your vet about antibiotics, and protect the cat’s teeth with daily brushing using special toothpaste.

Getting worms (parasites)

Every cat can get worms, usually roundworm. They can get it eating rodents, insects or birds or while playing in contaminated soil. When infected, cat’s intestines get invaded by the roundworms and they can also migrate to other organs through their bloodstream. Cats get the worms, which can be long or ribbon-shaped, from fleas that have consumed tapeworm eggs, which hatch in the cat’s stomach. 

Symptoms: If you notice white strings in shape of spaghetti in cat’s feces or vomit it means that your cat caught worms. Other symptoms are lack of appetite, diarrhea or rice-shaped grains around cat’s anus. If the worms are reproduced in your cat’s body it can be fatal to it.

How to prevent it: Keep your cat indoors, clean it from fleas and keep it away from dirt.

Urinary tract disease

A delicate and unpleasant disease for the cats is the urinary tract disease which is characterized by blood in urine and painful urination. It occurs in the bladder and the urethra. This disease can be caused by dehydration, bacterial infection, cystitis or high ash or mineral content in the dry cat food.

Symptoms: Your cat may strain while urinating, squatting and meowing in pain. [adToAppearHere]

How to prevent it: Proper nutrition is the best way to prevent this disease, avoid too much dry food in their diet, but also too many proteins. You need to make a balance, consult with a vet about it. It can be cured with medications prescribed by the vet and change in diet. The therapy usually lasts for 10 days.

Feline Kidney Failure

Feline Kidney failure or renal failure means a breakdown of the kidneys which regulate blood and water levels and this is very serious disease which can be fatal for cats. Chronic renal failure occurs after deterioration of the nephrons in the kidneys which maintain hydration and process waste. This condition usually is incurable and also progressive, but it can be controlled by vet – to keep your cat comfortable the vet will prescribe a diet along with IV fluids and medication. 

Symptoms: This disease usually occurs gradually so for a very long time there can be no symptoms. This can last for years and by the time it is revealed it can be too late. Symptoms are straining to urinate, lack of coordination, vomiting, not eating, seizures and bad breath.

How to prevent it: If you notice this symptoms you need to act immediately, take it to the vet and they will probably put it on a therapy of removing the toxins and restoring electrolyte balance. This is usually caused by illness that affects the kidney area, or poor-quality nutrition.



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