What really happened with the green cat?

What really happened with the green cat?

This has been a mystery for a very long time. Of course everyone would think that this can’t be possible, green cats don’t exist.

But there is one green cat living in Varna, Bulgaria. With its color this cat had drawn attention to people passing by this cat. This stray cat has turned itself vibrant green. Everyone wonders how? First time this cat draw media attention was in 2014. She has earned free meals from people in this area, and a yellow cat that was living with her got meals next to her green friend. Many people were giving her food in hope that they will make great photos of her.

There were many theories of why this cat turned green. Some thought that she was a result of a radioactive experiment and other believed that it appeared new species of emerald cats. People also feared that this was an act of animal cruelty. 

Petko Dimitrov, a photographer who managed to make few photos of the emerald cats explained what was the real story behind the color of the cat. He first found out about the cat from Facebook and there everyone was claiming that people colored the cat on purpose, that they actually sprayed the cat with green paint by vandals. But when he went in the area and spoke to the people who live there, they told him the truth. The cat was sleeping in an old green paint barrel on a construction site and she spent most of her life there, in the past few years. So, her fur got the color from spending a lot of time there.

Some people are concerned about the toxicity of the paint, but the green cat doesn’t look sick. All cats lick themselves, so if nothing happened to the green cat so far, it means that it does no harm to her. Due to this concern, few animal lovers gave a bath to the cat, so now she starts blending in with the rest of the stray cats.

Now, there are just few spots of green on the cat, on her ears and on her chest and she also gain few pounds from all that free food she got.




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