Save your furniture! Get a cat tree for your feline friend!

You have a cat and you face with torn curtains, broken vases thrown from your furniture? Cats like to play and love to climb. If you want to keep your furniture safe get your cat a cat tree.

Cats love trees because they love to climb and be on high places. This is their way of playing and also they don’t mind sharing the tree with another cat. The outdoor cats are climbing trees all the time, so why wouldn’t you make this available for your indoor cat. It will keep her busy and it will be your cat’s hidden place for napping. Cats love to be on the top to watch everything but to feel safe.

What would you benefit from getting a cat tree?

If you get a cat tree for your cat, it will be the most entertaining toy for her, so she wouldn’t have the need to climb on your curtain or get on your fridge. (Read more in How to entertain your cat while you are away? ). It can also be used as a scratching post – your cat can sharpen her nails without ruining your furniture. 

There are few things you need to consider when getting a cat tree. First of all, think about your cat’s size and personality. If you have a big cat, don’t get a tree with small and flat perches because she wouldn’t have space to lay. You need to make sure that the cat tree is comfortable for your cat, otherwise it would be useless.

Another important thing is the location. Usually, the best place for the cat tree is next to the window, because in that case your cat will feel like she is really outside. If you put the cat tree in a room that you don’t use or your cat never goes there it would be a waste of money. Best is to locate it in the area where your cat usually goes to play and nap.

You can benefit from a cat tree in a different way as well. If you have children they can learn that when a cat is on the cat tree it means that she doesn’t want to be disturbed. On the cat tree you can also put some small beds, or maybe you can find trees that have these beds already. The fact that the cat tree has stairs is even better for cats because they love to climb.

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