When I saw Mickey on my father’s grave I cried like never before!

This truly emotional story comes from Laura, who is convinced (and we agree with her on that), that cats just like people can feel intensively sorrow, happiness, love and family love. Prepare your tissues!

So, this is a story about Mickey! Mickey came in our family when my mother took him from our neighbors because he was starving to death. At the beginning my father wasn’t happy about it, always had some remarks, but Mickey got under his skin in no time being fluffy and cuddly.

He was cheering us up with his “crazy” personality for full 7 years. The first time he saw a small lizard was the funniest of all. He jumped out of fear on the well and nearly had a heart attack. He wasn’t a hunter, he never brought a thing in our house, mainly he just wanted to sit with us and get scratched and cuddled. When my father got ill, Mickey was near him all the time, and the last three days he didn’t move away from his bedside.

When my father died and the doctor came to confirm his death, Mickey reacted fiercely. He started hissing at the doctor and even scratched him, we barely managed to take him away from the room. A week after the funeral we found him on my father’s grave – I cried like never before. After that he just disappeared. I am sure that he died of grieve for my father.

I hope that anyone who would read this story will never doubt that animals grieve. We will always grieve for our fluffy member of our family – Mickey.



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