The secret of Native Americans: The “cure-all” herb

You are feeling weak and ill? Read more about the echinacea tea.


This medicinal tea is perfect for treating infections and cold, it boosts your immunity and at the same time you will enjoy consuming it. Echinacea is a herb which is part of the daisy family. It has nine species and they are commonly called purple coneflowers. Only three of them are used in the medicine – Echinacea Angustifolia, Echinacea Pallida and Echinacea Purpurea, and all of them have very strong effect. Even 400 years ago the Native Americans were using this herb for treating wounds, burns and everything else, and they even called it a “cure-all”.

Benefits of Echinacea Tea

The best way to consume the Echinacea herb is by making a nice warm cup of Echinacea Tea. If you drink this tea you will definitely stay healthy because it contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, B-complex and E, minerals calcium, magnesium, iron etc.

Blooming medicinal herb echinacea purpurea or coneflower isolated on white background

It boosts your immune system, because it contains polysaccharides, and activates the T-cell renewal, and also blocks viral infections by creating antibodies and interferon. This is one of the reasons why you should drink this tea when you are getting cold because it will help you with treating your symptoms.

If you add cinnamon and ginger in your Echinacea tea it will help you with any bronchial infections you might have, or laryngitis. Put it in a spray bottle, shake it and spray into your mouth and you will feel relief and your voice will be strengthened. It is proven that this tea helps with an ear infections as well. Echinacea tea helps with other conditions, such as: swollen glands, urinary tract infections, candida and herpes, skin conditions such as eczema, boils and acne, joint disorders and muscle problems, infections in digestive tract, cleans the liver, kidneys and glands etc.

Preparation of Echinacea Tea

The only thing you need to prepare this magic immunity booster is echinacea roots, but you can also include its flowers and leaves. First you need to pour 1 cup of hot water over a mix of ¼ fresh herbs of echinacea and ¼ mint leaves and leave it for a few minutes. When it cools you can add honey and lemon, and for even bigger effect put ginger.

Don’t forget that you need to drink the tea warm so you can take the best of it. The best is to drink it once a day after a meal for 5 days and then to make a break of 2 days, or drink it one month, and make a break the next month. This will allow your immune system to recover and regain its strength. 

However, there is always a warning when consuming something. People that have compromised immune system such as HIV, AIDs, tuberculosis or multiple sclerosis should not use this herb without supervision from a health specialist. Also, be careful if you are allergic to herbs, or in particular allergic to echinacea.

Try it out! And have it always in your home for you and your family.


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