They tried to destroy a small innocent creature…

Anything is possible when you really want it. This story shows us that with love you can beat death and find yourself a friend for life! Read the story about the lucky cat Bella and her new owner Sarah.

Bella was found on a street stabbed with a wooden stick. A man that was passing by noticed the cat and first thought that the cat is just lying next to the stick. But when he got a closer look he saw that the stick was actually stabbed into the cat. He called the local animal shelter and told them about the cat. They went immediately and were trying to get the cat for two days. It was not easy at all because the cat was scared.

Finally, they managed to save her and take her to the vet for a surgery. After the successful surgery Bella was published on Facebook and her story has been told there. This is where my story with Bella starts.

As soon as I saw her picture on Facebook I fell in love with Bella. I just had to have her. I loved the colors of her coat and her sad beautiful eyes. However, I live with my parents. So, I had to lead a battle with them to convince them to get a cat in the house. It wasn’t easy with them, having arguments such as: the shedding, you can’t keep a cat in an apartment, the cat can fall of the window, she will climb on the kitchen counters etc. Luckily, after one month I managed to convince them. They realized that I was crazy about that sad look I have seen in Bella and I just had to take her.  [adToAppearHere]

I contacted the people from the shelter immediately and told them I want to adopt Bella. I arranged to go there and as soon as I walked into the door and I saw her – it was love at first sight! She started licking my hand right away and I knew then that I am taking Bella home. Now she is the fourth honorable member of our family. 

When I brought her home, amazingly, my parents loved her. They didn’t have any remarks about cats anymore, and now the love her maybe even more than I do (which of course is not possible). Bella needed some time to relax and fit in the new environment, but all that is now behind us. She wakes me up every morning at 6.30 am sharp waiting for her pate, she rolls on the floor when she sees me coming back from work and runs through the apartment at midnight playing with her fake mouse.

I have been asking myself many times what would my life be if I haven’t got her. I even wonder how I lived before. Now my home is more cheerful, full of life and hair. I would like to send a message to the people who wounded her, that they didn’t achieve in what they tried to do. They tried to destroy a small innocent creature full of life! Now, Bella is happy, loved and full of life making our lives better!

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