Should you be worried if your cat starts losing weight?


Cats act and look different in a different season, they lose or gain weight, their fur is changing, but if this change is sudden maybe there is something wrong with your cat. Read the reasons why the cats are losing weight and find out if you should be worried about it.

Very often losing weight can be a sign of a medical problem. If you notice that suddenly your cat loses its appetite and loses weight, you definitely should take her to the vet. Should this happen, the cat might become anorexic which is dangerous for cats, because they are prone to a fatty-liver syndrome which is a life-threatening condition where the liver must process large amounts of stored fat in order to provide energy for the body. There are several causes of weight loss in cats. Here are few of them:

The cat doesn’t want to eat from a dirty dish

This might sound silly, but often cats don’t want to eat because of this type of “foolish” reason. Who would like to eat from a dirty plate? The same stands for cats. Cats like to stay clean and their environment to be tidy. Before you take your cat to the vet think of this, so you can eliminate the simple problems. If  your cat starts to eat after  you clean her dish, then you don’t have to worry, and skip the vet.  

Stress, anxiety and depression

If your cat is stressed it is very likely that she will lose its appetite. Often they don’t want to eat if they see another animal near their feeding area. Also, they don’t like their dish near the litter box, so make sure the two of them are separated. One of the signs of depression or anxiety is loss of appetite, so if you ruled out other reasons for losing weight, take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

Oral or gastrointestinal diseases

When you have a toothache most probably you can not eat. You feel hungry, but the pain is stronger than hunger. It’s similar with cats. Loss of appetite can be a sign of a gastrointestinal issue or food allergies. If they can’t digest the food, they don’t want to eat because they would not feel good. Also, if they have a toothache, which is accompanied by drooling and pawing at the mouth, they will not be able to eat. In this case visiting the vet it’s a must! [adToAppearHere]

Another similar condition is roundworm – a parasite that attacks the cat’s intestines. This can be very serious because the parasites grow very fast in the intestines.  


This is the scariest thing of all, so maybe if you rule it out faster it will be easier for you. Cancer is most serious condition and incurable, so if you are sure that the reason for loss of appetite is not cancer, everything else seems easy to treat. In case of cancer, other symptoms are lethargy and hiding. [adToAppearHere]

The cat is old

Old cats either get plumped up or lose weight. Elderly cats can suffer from constipation or changes in metabolism that could lead to weight loss. It might be necessary just to make some adjustments, like adding fiber which will help your cat to be healthy in their golden years.


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